Riyaz Ahamed

Who am I?

I'm Riyaz Ahamed, an android developer based out of Bengaluru, India.

I have been working on android from froyo days and I have spent insane amount of time waiting for gradle builds.

I have built MultiViewAdapter which lets you to write complex recyclerview adapters in android easily.

Featured Project


MultiViewAdapter lets you write complex recyclerview adapters in android easily. This is one of my popular open-source works available on github.

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RecyclerView Selection — Easily make your adapter items selectable

Learn how to implement single and multi selection modes to your adapter. Add both modes in a single adapter.

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ItemDecoration in Android

This article lets you know the downsides of adding dividers to the view hierarchy. Learn to embrace the ItemDecoration api's to create dividers in recyclerview.

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Create Android Recyclerview adapters like a boss with MultiViewAdapter

Introduction post for MultiViewAdapter library and its usages.

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Replacing an icon

The article records the thought process involved in replacing an icon used inside a mobile application.

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Why you should love white space

Convince yourself and embrace white space for better design strategies

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Splash screens - Its not branding, its annoying!

Splash screens do not add any value to your users or to your products. Avoid using them inside your mobile applications.

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